A guide to developing tourism as an economic resource for Native communities in Ontario.


"Our past is still very much in our present and many people want to visit us to experience that."-- Nunavut Elder Peter Irniq




The following pages were created as an applied project of the Department of Anthropology at McMaster University , in Hamilton, Ontario. Designed primarily as a resource pool for First Nations in Ontario and beyond, it may also serve to educate the greater public as well on the issues surrounding tourism in Canada. Many around the world would not consider Canada's North as a tourist destination. However, developing trends in ecotourism and cultural tourism suggest that many are looking for more from their destination choices than white sand and sunny skies. Also, people desire more and more to connect with a different point of view.

Ontario is home to many natural wonders and a diversity of cultures. First Nations people and their land represent unlimited opportunities for tourism growth. This website is dedicated to the task of informing Aboriginal People about the many choices and alternatives available to them as a community. Research shows that there is a great need to educate about tourism, including the funding options available from different government and private sources. Most Native organizations also echo this concern.

As an advocate for First Nations People, Aboriginal Tourism Opportunities hopes to link government, community and cultural organizations, and serve as a promotional tool for developing not just tourism, but locally owned and operated tourist destinations. By clicking on the Training icon, information concerning the types of training and education available to Aboriginal communities, as well as options for business and management programs, can be found. By activating the Funding icon, the page will display a compiled list of the various sources of capital available to communities, as well as monies promised by government agencies such as Industry Canada or the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada site. If you click onto Case studies you will find various studies and reports related to tourism in Ontario. These documents have been issued by government bodies, and by non-governmental organizations such as the World Travel and Tourism Council . The Approaches section examines in detail the different avenues of development available to Native Peoples in Canada and Ontario. An extensive list of websites related to Aboriginal tourism, as well as an information poll, can be found on the Links page. Relevant newsfeeds can be found on the Contact us... section of this site. Click onto CKRZ-FM or WRN-FM below for a live audio stream.

It is my hope that this site may be useful to individuals and organizations considering investing in tourism.




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